Get To Know US

Dallas Junk Bin Inc is a renowned family-owned business that has been serving the Toronto area since 1994. With their humble beginnings as a sole proprietor, they started with just one truck for junk removal services. However, their dedication and commitment to customer care quickly propelled them to success.
Within three short years, Dallas Junk Bin Inc expanded its fleet to include three trucks, comprising of two tractors and one junk removal truck. Their impeccable service and high standards made them widely recognized throughout the city.
In 2016, the company underwent significant changes and embarked on a new path. With a desire to offer more comprehensive services, Dallas Junk Bin Inc rebranded itself and began to provide bin rental and event waste management solutions. This marked a turning point as they officially became Dallas Junk Bin Inc, an incorporated entity.
Despite these changes, one thing remained constant - their unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. Throughout the years, Dallas Junk Bin Inc has excelled in various sectors such as residential, commercial, construction, and industrial junk removal. No matter the scale of the project, they were always ready to lend a helping hand.
Their outstanding services and commitment to a cleaner city have made Dallas Junk Bin Inc a trusted name in the industry. The entire team, from ownership to management and employees, is deeply devoted to creating a safe and sanitary environment for their valued customers and their families.
So, if you're planning a project or need any part of your home or business cleaned out, don't hesitate to give Dallas Junk Bin Inc a call. With their expertise and dedication, they will make sure that you feel less stressed and more satisfied. Let them take care of your junk removal needs while you focus on what truly matters.